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I created my first Android project in Eclipse, and when I try to open it, I can't reach the correct file of the project.

Which file should I open to open my project.

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Right click on your project go to properties -> resources, in that you can find the path of your project.. go and check there.. – user1357696 Sep 24 '12 at 7:12
I know how to reach the project folder, but I don't know which file to open in order to open my project – Hamzeh Soboh Sep 24 '12 at 7:19

I think you don't know where is your java source code file in project explorer.

Select your project name > Select src from drop down list > Select package name from drop down list which would be something like com.example... > The final drop list will show your java source code files / activity file.

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Which is your workspace and path of the project? you can open the folder your having application name.

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This is what I wanted:


Sorry if I couldn't explain well in my question.


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