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I'm trying to find a value from MongoDB by id using:

var id = S.param("id") openOr ""
val qry = QueryBuilder.start("id").is(id).get
def render = {
    val items = Delegacja.findAll(qry)   

    ".my_list *" #> items.map(e => 
      ".my_list_item" #> <li>{e.gdzie_od1}</li> &
      ".my_list_item_id" #> <li>{e.id}</li>


package code.model
import _root_.net.liftweb.record.field._
import net.liftweb.mongodb.record._
import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.field.ObjectIdPk

class Delegacja private() extends MongoRecord[Delegacja] with ObjectIdPk[Delegacja]{
  def meta = Delegacja

  object gdzie_od1 extends StringField(this, 30)
  object gdzie_do1 extends StringField(this, 30)
  object data_od1 extends StringField(this, 500)
  object data_do1 extends StringField(this, 500)

object Delegacja extends Delegacja with MongoMetaRecord[Delegacja]

or just val items = Delegacja.find("Id" -> id) or val items = Delegacja.find("Id" -> id.toString) or val items = Delegacja.find("id", id) and nothing found, ID is good, when I'm looking by some name its ok but by id no results.. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

Hmm I think have some clue. ( And really in find change id to _id ;) )

When I'm doing :

val md1 = Delegacja.createRecord.gdzie_od1(gdzie_od1).gdzie_do1(gdzie_do1).save
val md = Delegacja.find("_id", md1.id.is.toString)

I get Empty from S.notice(md.is.toString) but when I change val md = Delegacja.find("_id", md1.id.is.toString) to val md = Delegacja.find("_id", md1.id.is) is ok so in viewitem.scala I need to somehow convert string ( id ) which I get as param from link to oibjectid, how to deal with it?

class ViewItem {

  var id = S.param("id") openOr ""
          val qry = QueryBuilder.start("_id").is(id).get
  def render = {

    val items = Delegacja.find("_id", id) // THIS id.ToObjectIdPK some how ..

    ".my_list *" #> items.map(e => 
      ".my_list_item" #> <li>{e.gdzie_od1}</li> &
      ".my_list_item_id" #> <li>{e.id}</li>
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Ah mean while I get answer:

need new import:

import org.bson.types.ObjectId

And :

 val items = Delegacja.find("_id", new ObjectId(id))

This is the needed conersion ;]

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