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Let's suppose that sock is an unix socket opened in non-blocking mode and following function

void send_int(int sock, int flags) {
    int x = 0xff;
    send(sock, &x, sizeof(int), flags);

Is this code "correct"? I'm not sure whether the buffer (x) is copied into some sending buffer before send returns, or there is a chance that send and send_int return too early and then non-existing buffer is used as it was only on stack...

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No it is not necessary to preserve the user send buffer till the send operation is completed in non-blocking mode. So your code is fine.

Internally, the send buffer is copied to the Socket Buffer (SKB) send queue and over to the kernel space.


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Thanks, I was no sure if I understand manpage correctly. – Honza Sep 24 '12 at 13:13

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