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Recently when writing a game I experienced a problem. In my game I used SurfaceView and I used the while(true) as the condition. After I press the home button, the program quits and I see the log. But I find the loop While(true) is still running. Why is the loop still running after the Activity has stopped? Could anybody help and tell me the reason. Thanx

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I do it like this in the game I'm working on now:

    //Makes the thread draw until the state of running is set to false

In onPause:

//Stop the thread that is responible for the drawing.
this.worker.running = false;

In onResume:

//Creates a new thread instance which sets this.running to true and calls the drawing method again
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that's the way:)thanx –  Winnie Sep 25 '12 at 1:47

You should stop your SurfaceView in the onStop and onDestroy callbacks for your activity. while(true) is an endless loop. It wont stop unless killed or you change it to something which can terminate itself.

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A better solution might be to set a bool to hold the state of the application and then set that to false when the game quits.

    //do game logic

EDIT: Thanks to Braj and Fildor for feedback

in the onPause() event handler add a line

appActive = false;

((NOTE: I've not done any Android development, this is purely a theoretical response))

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Though it's correct. Do it in onPause(), because this is the only callback, that's guaranteed to be called. –  Fildor Sep 24 '12 at 7:53
I work the other way but thanks for you theoretical response,+1 –  Winnie Sep 25 '12 at 1:45

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