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I'm using Yii Framework to create my project. I need to export some data from MySQL (my project) to an external Microsoft SQL server which is on the same network.

Basically, the user needs to click on a button (which will do the export-insert) in my view and the results should be displayed - Success (if the query has been successful) or Failure (if something went wrong). The results part is quite easy as I'll be using 'setFlash' to display the appropriate message but I want to know how to insert data into an external database through Yii.

Do you have any idea how this can be done?

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Well, I agree with @SuVeRa on the first part of defining two db instances in the config.php but i don't think the sql Commands part is necessary (Plus i hate writing sql :D )

Instead you can do:

class SomeModel extends CActiveRecord 
  // Override the getDbConnection() function to use the ms sql db connection
  public function getDbConnection()
     return Yii::app()->ms_sql_db_connection; // The name of the connection in config.php

  public function transfer()
    // Here you can do all the transferring logic using normal Yii Active Record functions

Check out the docs on getDbConnection().

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