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I'm using Jasper Reports in commercial application. I need to use (embed) "Times New Roman" font in generated documents. I found here that this font can be embedded (Embedding: Editable embedding allowed). What does it mean ? Can i embed times.ttf in application or in documents only ? Can someone explain that ?

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There is an FAQ entry on the Microsoft website which gives information on how you can reuse the font. In essence, the rights are in the font files properties -- and on my system, Times New Roman is embeddable for editable documents. The Microsoft website has an FAQ which defines the embeddability levels as:

Embedding allows fonts to travel with documents. Most fonts distributed with Microsoft products allow embedding. To check a font's embedding permissions, right-click on the font file and choose 'Properties'.

There are 4 levels of embedding permissions:

'Print and preview' fonts can be embedded in a document, provided the user reading the document cannot edit the content of the document.

'Editable' fonts can be embedded within content that can be edited by the user.

'Installable' fonts within a document may be permanently installed by the user reading the document or a client application. In practice, installable fonts are treated like editable fonts by most client applications.

'No embedding permissions' prevent fonts from being embedded in a document.

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Ok. I see that fonts can be embedded in a document. What about distributing this fonts with commercial application inside .jar file ? Is that legal ? –  marioosh Sep 24 '12 at 9:59

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