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Currently i've tried the antivirus dll from this site: http://antivirusscanner.codeplex.com/documentation

After installing this package from nuget i ran the code to scan (and clean) a file. I got a 'virusnotfound' answer back, but that wasn't what i expected: I had no single antivirus program installed.

Does anyone know if this package contains some function to check if an antivirus program is installed? I want to know for sure if the code works fine.

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To be fair, the response it correct: it didn't find a virus. That doesn't say whether or not it had the tools to look very hard. There are only 3 responses:

  • VirusNotFound
  • VirusFound
  • FileNotExist

of those, it sounds like VirusNotFound is the closest.

To check, you could perhaps use EICAR.

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So if we decide to put the application on the server then it would be normal to say 'VirusNotFound' when there is no virusscanner installed? I think its not bugfree because no exception is thrown. –  PcPulsar Sep 24 '12 at 10:11

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