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I have a link, it looks like that:

<a href="someplace.html" target="shop">link text</a>

The target (shop) is an iframe with the name shop. Clicking the link and showing someplace.html in the iframe only works, if the page that contains the iframe is already loaded.

So my problem is, how can I make it work even if the page that contains the iframe is not loaded? I tried loading the page with the iframe by redirecting to it when the link was clicked using its onclick, that worked, but I still have to load someplace.html afterwards and this is where I am stuck.

Any ideas how to solve that? I can use jQuery or plain JavaScript ... doesnt matter.


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If you have a link with a target "shop", you must have a iframe called "shop". It is possible to load the iframe with a blank page if there is no initial content.

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