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I am running "energy usage" instrument over ios application using a device, I wanted to use it to check how much battery is getting drained because of the app I am testing. It shows "Energy usage level" which is giving me numbers like 13/20 , 12/20 , etc over different points of time.

How to interpret the results(I know, it gives relative energy usage on a scale of 0-20) in terms of :
1) How much battery is getting drained because of the app and particular operation.
2) Which operation / function is causing this drain.
3) What number is considered as safe and what number should be considered as high / too high.
4) Any other conclusion that we can make ?

I would appreciate if some one can answer above questions or give me link for reference. I have searched around and could not find answers to above questions, I just found how to find out those relative energy usage numbers only.

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My 2 cents:

1) You can create a UIAutomation script to repeatedly run some actions, and collect 'energy usage' upon each action. So that you can say "if make a call of 5 minutes, it takes xxx battery", "if keep navigating for 5 minutes, it takes xxxx battery".....

2) As I mentioned above; You can collect data against each action

3) I would say, try to find similar apps, and bench mark, compare with theirs.

4) Try to use different devices, iOS, and you can probably tell customers that what device/iOS is minimal required or recommended.

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Energy Diagnostics reports power consumption number (we call them "electricities" at my office) are fairly unreliable. Powergremlin gives you some insight into the actual numbers that make up said "electicity" units. That won't answer parts 2-4 of our question, but it does provide more detail and accuracy than Energy Diagnostics.

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The scale of Batter Consumption of IOS App is given by max 20 points.

if your app is running at 1/20,it means your app takes 20 hours to complete the batter

if it is running at 20/20 it takes 1 hour to complete the full batter.

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