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I am using http://googlevisualr.herokuapp.com/ in a Rails app. It is working very well, but it is not good for charts with many datapoints as it inserts inline javascript in ones HTML. That means a chart with many datapoints will create a HUGE html file - currently one of my charts (with data coming from my db) created take up 1MB of space for the HTML!

Does anyone have a suggestion for another - preferably gem based - charting solution? Or a way to use Google Visualr differently to avoid the large file (bandwidth) problem?

Thanks :)

PS. If at all possible: HTML(5), CSS(3) and/or Javascript charts preferred as I prefer for users to be able to mouse over a datapoint on the chart to get values for a specific data point. If not possible, I could live with image based charts but guess mouseover wouldn't be possible unless there is a smart imagemap solution out there.

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