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We are using WSO2 to access different FTP and the username for a specific FTP does contain the '@' which is predefined character for the server config.

Here an example of an Endpoint accessing such a FTP with the username 'MY@USERNAME':

<endpoint xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse" name="FTPEndpoint">
   <address uri="vfs:ftp://MY@USERNAME:PASSWORD@SERVER/Path?vfs.passive=true"/>

Is there a way to escape the @ for the username?

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It was finally simple by replacing the @ by %40 and it works:

<endpoint xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse" name="FTPEndpoint">
  <address uri="vfs:ftp://MY%40USERNAME:PASSWORD@SERVER/Path?vfs.passive=true"/>
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