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I created a table in richtextbox like this :

       //Since too much string appending go for string builder
       StringBuilder tableRtf = new StringBuilder();

       //beginning of rich text format,dont customize this begining line              
    tableRtf.Append(@"{\rtf1 ");             

    //create 5 rows with 3 cells each

        for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)


           //A cell with width 1000.

            //Another cell with width 2000.end point is 3000 (which is 1000+2000).

            //Another cell with width 1000.end point is 4000 (which is 3000+1000)

            //Another cell with width 1000.end point is 4000 (which is 3000+1000)

            tableRtf.Append(@"\intbl \cell \row"); //create row




        this.misc_tb.Rtf = tableRtf.ToString(); 

Now I want to know how I can put text in headers and in each cells.

Do you have an idea?

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If you want to insert text dynamically, you should declare DataTable, for example: DataTable dt and you can change data dynamically with dt. After changing each time you should render to tableRtf and set to misc_tb.Rtf that tableRtf. In othe way, you should define cell location (with like IndexOf method) and insert text that location.

Updated: maybe theese links are will help you:



in RtfTable class has cell(int row, int col) method, sure it will help

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Can you tell me how to do that with indexof please ? –  francops henri Sep 24 '12 at 12:04

Add AppendLine in Your Code to add text. I hope it will work

tableRtf.Append(@"\cellx1000").AppendLine(" ID");       
tableRtf.Append(@"\cellx2000").AppendLine(" First Name");         
tableRtf.Append(@"\cellx3000").AppendLine(" Lastname");       
tableRtf.Append(@"\cellx4000").AppendLine(" Salary");
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