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I am trying to upload 230+ files on to an FTPS server using Rebex's FTP component. All the files TOTAL are like 5MB. so each is a few KB. I upload the file with this line of code:


But it takes 2 a 3 hours. Can anyone help explain why this is slow or suggest how this could be done quicker?


Fixed it by doing a for loop and inserting each file with PutFile without S and it works, only now at 180 files it stops, trying to figure this out now, answers are welcome

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In general, it can be caused by numerous causes. In the most cases the easiest way how to find out what is going on is to create a communication log and investigate it in detail. It can be done as described here. If you send me the log file I can help you with it.

You are also welcome to ask questions about Rebex products on our forum. Actually, it is checked every business day by the component developers themselves.

Btw. FtpBatchTransferOptions.XCopy option traverses whole directory structure (including all subdirectories). If this is not needed feature you can try this line to speed up whole process:

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  1. Have you tried uploading it with a regular ftp client?
  2. Are you 100% certain that bandwidth is not the limiting factor (both client and server side)?
  3. (ie have you proven that you can achieve higher speeds)?


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