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A little difficult problem to describe so please be patient

i have a progress bar in every listitem of listview used to show downloading now to update a single view i get view object of single item now this view is passed to async task to update only that view for which downloading is in progress

it works fine untill i scroll listview when i scroll list view progress bar is shown for some random listitem of listview

code to invoke asynctask

 ListView lv = getListView();
 int visiblePosition = lv.getFirstVisiblePosition();
 View v = lv.getChildAt(position - visiblePosition);
 task = new TestLoadingTask();
 task.v = lv.getChildAt(position - visiblePosition);
 executeAsyncTask(task, null, null, null);

on progressupdate of async task

    protected void onProgressUpdate(Object... values) {
        progress[currentposition] = (Integer)values[0];
        max[currentposition] = 100;

    public void updateprogress(int position,View v)

    ProgressBar update = (ProgressBar)v.findViewById(R.id.downloadbar);
    if(max!=null && max[position]!=0)
    TextView tv_per = (TextView) v.findViewById(R.id.percentage);

any reference/advice/example would be greatly appreciated.

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can you provide the sources code of your adapter. –  Anis BEN NSIR Sep 24 '12 at 11:08
This approach seems to interfere with the way ListView works. It recycles its elements, so that only a few are used. As a result, lv.getChildAt() will give you whatever it takes from the adapter - a random element. If you really need the progress indicator there, you may want to cache it and provide a view with it in the adapter's getView(). –  full.stack.ex Sep 24 '12 at 11:11

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Okay, if I understood you right, your problem is that ListView's adapter doesn't create new list-items every time you scroll it, it just converts previous. So if it doesn't have special directions about some views of new visible list-item, it will draw them like in previous list-item which was at this position. The solution is to add some flag to your list-items (like boolean isUpdating) and show progress bar at your adapter's getView method if it's true, and hide progress bar otherwise

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