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I have never developed tools at a professional level before so please bear with me.

The requirement is to develop a tool that can be accessed through web to calcualte the efficiency of your concerned unit with respect to peer units of the same type. The concerned unit here is healt care units. So we have identified Data Evelopment Analysis to do the efficieny calculation. When the button for the tool is pressed on the webpage of the organization a welcome page should appear(so a professional look GUI) which then leads to a series of pages which takes input from the user. All getting all inputs ...together with the already available data of peer units with do the DEA and the output comes in various formats ...for example the typical DEA frontier and also GUI that shows how the unit can improve with repect to its peers.

I have chosen MATLAB to construct each part of the tool. I am very new to MATLAb...most of my programming till now has been in c in the within the linux its my first time in application development.

Can you please point me out to resources/tutorials?

What should be my backend database....excel?

Please help me out with some useful pointers.

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It appears that you plan to develop a project on a scale beyond anything you have attempted before with a toolset that is either unfamiliar to you or entirely unknown. It would be unethical of me to help you do that. You MUST re-think your approach and remove many of the risk factors. I suggest that you start development with a toolset with which you are familiar. – High Performance Mark Sep 24 '12 at 10:37
@HighPerformanceMark I am afraid but your diagnosis is correct. This is a requirement of the job I have at hand and I need to deliver. The only programming language that I am really familiar with is C and C++. But...they cannot really be used for the task at provide pointers and I shall learn. To be experienced we have to srat someplace and I am doing just that to be more experienced. Help will be much appreciated – Lipika Deka Sep 24 '12 at 10:54
"Can you please point me out to resources/tutorials" why should we do this when you can easily find them using google? For example a google query for "Matlab Web Deployment" returned this as its first… – slayton Sep 24 '12 at 13:45
Sounds like you are at the beginning of a journey, @Juggler -- wishing you luck! I think you will get more help from the community if you do further research (e.g. the Mathworks tutorial noted by @slayton) and then break your uncertainties into separate, specific questions. For example, with more context, your back-end database question seems quite specific. It may also help if you indicate the timescale on which you want to develop this project -- answers may differ depending on whether you have a week or 3 months or a year. – cjh Sep 24 '12 at 18:49
Thanks all...I know the question was too broad but I need to reach the end of this journey successfully. Will take one step at a time.. – Lipika Deka Sep 25 '12 at 9:07

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