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I want to get the count of records from database.

In my table this is the values:

id  emp_id  number  created_emp_id  status  timestamp
29  7   1   2   0   2012-09-24 15:18:28
30  16  1   2   0   2012-09-24 15:18:28
31  7   2   2   0   2012-09-24 15:18:54
32  19  2   2   0   2012-09-24 15:18:54

i have created_emp_id as 2.

So the result i needed her is 2.

That means the number is a repeated column.

This is the code i wrote for getting result:

$result = $this->TravancoDSRGroup->find('all', array('conditions' => array('created_emp_id= '.$emp_id),'fields' => array('DISTINCT TravancoDSRGroup.number')));

The $result return the two rows only.

But i need to get the count of this query....


$dsrPageCnt = $this->TravancoDSRGroup->find('count',................

How can i do this?

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You can try this:

$dsrPageCnt = $this->TravancoDSRGroup->find('count', array('conditions' => array('created_emp_id= '.$emp_id),'fields' => array('DISTINCT TravancoDSRGroup.number')));

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it return 4 as count – Kichu Sep 24 '12 at 10:48
it return the number of record, also you can search into the array result for example all TravancoDSRGroup with a foreach and a counter – Alessandro Minoccheri Sep 24 '12 at 10:51

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