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i have a image of straight line which i would like to replace bottom border of input text box.


is this right approach ?

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It's better create an Image like box and use it as background image.

If you want to use border-image refer this http://css-tricks.com/understanding-border-image/

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@peter: i've several input text box in a single page, it wouldn't be a wise choice to use background image, i just need the straight line image to be over-lapped with bottom border which is ofcourse hidden. –  VinKrish Sep 24 '12 at 11:06

You should define a width for the border, complete parameters for the image. You should change this parameters depending on the image.

border-width:25px 30px 10px 20px;
border-image:url("image.png") 25 30 10 20 repeat;
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