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Facebook new payer promotion spec at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/payments/payer_promotion/#user_eligibility says it will return 1 if user is eligible, and nothing if not.

But, this code in PHP:

$fbdata = $facebook->api('/me?fields=id,locale,third_party_id,is_eligible_promo');

returns is_eligible_promo => '1';

But when i use that query on Graph API explorer, or with JavaScript:

FB.api('/me?fields=id,locale,third_party_id,is_eligible_promo', function(response) {});

it doesn't return is_eligible_promo field.

Also, calling this payement popup:

var obj = {
    method: 'fbpromotion',
    display: 'popup',
    package_name: 'zero_promo',
    product: '---my-open-graph-currency---'
FB.ui(obj, function() {});

, it returns something like "Sorry, the promotion is currently unavailable.".

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But when i use that query on Graph API explorer, or with JavaScript […] it doesn't return is_eligible_promo field.

I think this is an access_token issue – whether a player is eligible for a promotion depends on the individual app, I guess.

Try choosing your own app in the Graph API explorer (dropdown on the upper right), and see if then you get the same result as from within your PHP script.

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It resolved that user_is_eligible depends on IP of the user requests.

Since my servers are in country A, php request from that server to facebook returned that user is eligible. But when i request same params with javascript (i'm in country B), facebook says that user is not eligible.

Fixed this by moving all checks to javascript since it depends on user location.

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