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i want to display data from

text file

in list view and in tree view. root will be file name, but i dont know how to do it, the problem is with displaying text file data in list view, i don't know anything about that. text file data is very simple it is just a square matrix of double values like:

21.06 34.06 5.0

12.78 45.25 6.9

12.89 45.98 5.5

in list view i want to display it.

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Read a Text File

        String* textFile = String::Concat(windir,(S"\\mytest.txt"));                               
            StreamReader *reader=new  StreamReader(textFile);
        while(reader->Peek() != -1);

    catch (System::Exception *e)


View File Information

 String* testfile = String::Concat(windir, (S"\\notepad.exe")); 
 FileInfo *pFileProps  =new FileInfo(testfile);

 listBox1->Items->Add(String::Concat(S"File Name = ", (pFileProps->get_FullName() )) );
 listBox1->Items->Add(String::Concat(S"Creation Time = ", (pFileProps->get_CreationTime() ).ToString()) );
 listBox1->Items->Add(String::Concat(S"Last Access Time = "  ,(pFileProps->get_LastAccessTime() ).ToString()) );
 listBox1->Items->Add(String::Concat(S"Last Write Time = ", (pFileProps->get_LastWriteTime() ).ToString()) );
 listBox1->Items->Add(String::Concat(S"Size = ", (pFileProps->get_Length() ).ToString()) );

For More INfo see HERE

For Tree view you can follow this page

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i have already used explorer for that purpose i mean i have not drag and drop listbox so what will be the alternative? to use above code in that case –  tspga Sep 24 '12 at 13:34

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