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I'm writing an ASP.NET form which uses a custom web service to populate a table based on values (the specifics of this are not important).

On the page are two ASP.NET Calendar controls, what I want to be able to do is make use of the AutoPostback behaviour of these to make a new web service call each time the SelectedDate of one of these changes, using its value as an input parameter.

Currently I set the value of the controls in the Page_Load (in an if (!Page.IsPostBack){} statement), and the first web service call includes both of these values. If one of these calendars is updated, I want a new web service call to be made, with the Submitted value from the calendar as a parameter, currently I can't get the request to contain anything but the initial value, which was set on the first page load.

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Have you tried putting the code to call the web service in the on_changed event of the calendar control?

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perfect, thanks, now have an issue where the second calendar is set to DateTime.Min, but i can sort this one myself! :) –  JamieS Sep 24 '12 at 11:31

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