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We have recently moved from Gitorious to GitHub, and one of the features potentially missing is the ability to mark a pull request as "Reviewed".

The reasons for this are:

  • Reviewing a merge request often throws feedback as to changes, more work to be completed. For this reason it's best to spend time reviewing merge requests early rather than merging them. We do not want developers completing a piece of work and waiting a long time for feedback.

  • We want work to be code reviewed as quickly as possible, whilst the merges and potential conflict resolution work can be postponed.

  • We also typically have 2 lines of review, an initial review (which most developers are able to do) and a final review (where senior developers look and merge).

Are there any tools in GitHub we have missed to enable us to continue this process?

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How about using labels? This is quite a flexible tagging feature...

Although labels are most of the time used to qualify the issue ("bug", "feature-request", "question", ...), one could also rely on them to decorate the issue with some milestones: "to be reviewed", "reviewed", "waiting for information"...

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There is no feature to do it. You need a manual process for it. For example, if a reviewer agrees with a pull request, he can simply just merge it. Or, the reviewer should just post a comment saying that he is fine with the pull request.

We are using this kind of soft process very efficiently. In our daily standup, we shortly discuss any open pull request and define who should review it during the working day.

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