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smart way to shorten long strings with javascript

I have

<h1>"Very big" page title </h1>

page title and I need to check if character count is bigger than 30, than replace last characters with ...

Can I somehow split text in two parts and replace second part?

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Code may be like this:

var text = $('h1').text();
if(text.length > 30)
   $('h1').text(text.sustring(0,30) + "...")

and no need for regexp.

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You have to check title's length with jQuery. If it is greater than 30, split it to the specified length and add ... in the end.

Regex is useless here.

  var text = $(this).text();
  if ( text.length > 30 ) {
    $(this).text( text.substring(0, 30) + '...' );
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