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I am working on a web application using visual studio 2010. When I zoom in the page, the slider at the bottom of the page is hidden under the bar. You can access the website here http://rpcmap.com Can anyone help me with this issue? When I zoom in I want to be able to see the slider. Thanks in advance :)

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What browser are you using?, it works fine in Chrome –  Caelea Sep 24 '12 at 13:08
No even on chrome it isn't working fine when I zoom in multiple times. I have tried this on all browser and the same bug appears –  Hanady Sep 24 '12 at 14:04
I want to see the slider when I scroll down in case of zoom –  Hanady Sep 24 '12 at 14:05
The try position: fixed for it, it will be there no matter what. –  Caelea Sep 24 '12 at 14:54

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