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My method is expecting a FloFilesList which is a class that stores a list of FloFile objects (a class that describes and performs actions on certain types of files)

The method I'm calling returns 1 FloFile based on the value of FloFile.FileName.

I want to use the interface IFloFile to initialize the mock object rather than set FloFile.FileName to be Virtual just because I'm told that Interfaces are the way to go.

 var mockFloFileOne = new Mock<IFloFile>();
        mockFloFileOne.SetupGet(f => f.FileName).Returns("FileName.xml");

How can I add the mock FloFile into the mock FloFilesList? I tried this.

var mockFloFileList = new Mock<FloFilesList>();

This doesn't work as I get an error "...IFloFile is not assignable to FloFile"

How do I mock FloFilesList ?

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You need to change the type of the Object property on FloFilesList from List<FloFile> to List<IFloFile>.

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