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Let's say I have the following:

scoringObject = 
  a : -1
  b : 0
  c : 1
  d : 2

resultsArray = ['a','c','b','b','c','c','d']

Using Coffescript, how can I calculate aggregateScore (+4 in the example) ?

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Since your example doesn't make much sense as is, I'm going to assume that what you have is:

resultsArray = ['a','c','b','b','c','c','d']

with the scoringObject from your post. Then you could calculate like this:

aggregateScore = 0
aggregateScore += scoringObject[k] for k in resultsArray
# => 4

Let me know if I assumed wrongly.

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You assumed correctly :-); edited the question –  Running Turtle Sep 24 '12 at 12:54

If you don't mind using features from ECMAScript 5, Array::reduce lets you express this kind of thing quite succinctly:

aggregateScore = resultsArray.reduce ((sum, x) -> sum + scoringObject[x]), 0

(I feel that the parameter order of reduce is quite unfortunate; the initial value should be the first one, and the reducing function the last one)

Underscore.js provides a cross-browser reduce implementation :)

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