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I am trying to retrieve keys and parent keys from some structured xml stored as binary xml in oracle. I have tried created unstructured index and also an index with a structured component. The structured component works fine when doing a SELECT against XMLTABLE() but I cannot retrieve values of parent node using XMLTable. I am therefore trying the following Xquery to retrieve parent values but this is not using the index at all. Does this style of query support using XmlIndexes? I can't find anything in the docs that say either way.

FROM xml_data x, XMLTABLE(xmlnamespaces( DEFAULT 'namespace'),
'for $i in /foo/bar
   return element r {
     ,element parentKey { $i/../someKey }   
PASSING x.import_xml
   someKey VARCHAR2(100) PATH 'someKey'
  ,parentKey VARCHAR2(100) PATH 'parentKey'
) y

Thanks, Tom

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