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I have problems with reports when migrating from 6i to 10g. Everything works fine except when a report is opened from another report. I am getting an error-

REP-56107: Invalid environment id myenv for Job Type report in the command line

I only get this error when I try to open a report from another report. My Oracle version is Oracle

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I noticed that, when there is no envid in the URL, or in my enviroment I don't describe it, then everythink works fine –  DARK_A Sep 28 '12 at 7:34

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I think the defaultEnvId attribute for the environment is set incorrectly in your server_name.conf file. Typically the defaultEnvId would look something like below-

<engine id="rwEng" initEngine="1" minEngine="0" maxEngine="10" engLife="50" maxIdle="30" defaultEnvId="JP"/>

And consecutively the definition as-

<environment id="JP">
  <envVariable name="NLS_LANG" value="Japanese_Japan.JA16SJIS"/>
  <envVariable name="NLS_CURRENCY" value="¥"/>
  <envVariable name="DISPLAY" value="MyServer.MyCompany.com:0.0"/>

I am assuming that your file has the defaultEnvID="myenv" and <environment id="myenv">. Check this to make sure it points to the right environment. Make sure that the defaultEnvId in enginedefinition matches the environment definition. Also, keep in mind that this is an optional setting so you may or may not need this. See this for details.

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