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I have a requirement like calling stored procedure inside groovy and grails. I am using Mongodb for database. Can anyone please tell me the step by step to call stored procedure

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Aim to do this from a Grails service.

// Inject a data source: 
def dataSource //or def dataSource_<other named DS name>

def serviceMethod() {
  Sql sql = new Sql(dataSource_messages)

  def sqlCall = "exec sp_name :param1, :param2"
  final paramMap = [param1: new Timestamp(dateFrom.time), param2: new Timestamp(dateTo.time)]
  log.info "Running: $sqlCall with params $paramMap"
  def rows = []
  try {
      rows = sql.rows(sqlCall, paramMap)
  } catch (Exception e) {
      log.warn "Could not execute ${sqlCall} with params ${paramMap}: ${e.getMessage()}", e


Optionally convert to command objects:

rows.collect { row -> new MyCmd(row) }

public class MyCmd {
    String spField1
    String spField2
    Date dateTime
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