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I have configuration in one file: applicationContext.xml. I have data source, session factory and two other beans.

I want change configuration like this:

  • applicationContext.xml -> parent, which contains data source, session factory
  • bean1.xml -> children, which inherit from applicationContext and contains only info about bean1
  • bean2.xml -> children, which inherit from applicationContext and contains only info about bean2

How can I do that? I found information about inherit beans, but I want three another files not one

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Have a look at the import tag in Spring. You can use it in bean1.xml and bean2.xml to import your top-level applicationContext.xml config file, so the two configurations will be separate when loaded.

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In principle an application context can have a parent context and simply inherits all beans from there. What is not completely trivial (unless it changed recently) is how to contruct the relationship.

This helped me:


(I am in no affiliation with the author).

Another approach is to actually write code to do this. If you have a Web app scenario, you can extend Spring's ContextLoaderListener and overwrite loadParentContext:

public class ComponentParentContextContextLoaderListener extends ContextLoaderListener {

   protected ApplicationContext loadParentContext(ServletContext servletContext) {
        // load parent context .e.g from class path / static member
        return ac;

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