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When I run Xcode 4.5 , By default it is with ARC Off stage.But When we create Xcode project Strong property comes instead of Retain.

1)If Strong and weak related to ARC , why is it coming in non-Arc project?

2)If Both strong and retain are same, If I change the keyword retain to strong in earlier xcode versons for non-Arc projects,will it work correctly?

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Yes, strong is just a synonym for retain when not using ARC - it's included in non-ARC projects by default to minimize the changes needed when converting between ARC and non-ARC, since retain doesn't work with ARC but strong works with both project types.

Also, yes, if you change it to retain, that won't break your code.

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should I release strong property as retain property in dealloc? –  JeffWood Sep 24 '12 at 14:05
@mirdad yes. More precisely, you should either set it to nil or release the backing ivar. Don't release properties directly. –  user529758 Sep 24 '12 at 14:08

In addition to H2CO3 answer´s: xCode will not warn you about this situation. Indeed, if you are adding this class from ARC implemented project , remember to implement -(void)dealloc() method and release delegates in case of protocol implementation.

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