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I am using the RightFax COM DLL that seems to be working, but I need to know if a fax transmission was successful.

Is there a property that can be set that will email the user of a successful fax transmission?

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If you want the person to get a notification via email - I would just set their account in Enterprise Fax Manager to get the email notifications. That would be easiest and wouldn't require any development effort.

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You can create a windows service that keep checking a list of faxes using their Handle id. After sending the fax, the value of handle would be filled (objFax.Handle). < it is empty before fax sending>.

The windows service would periodically check the status of fax status. You can look for your fax using the handle value. The faxes can be repented as XML, objUser.Folders["Main"].Faxes.XML .

Using LINQ or any other XML parsing code, search for you fax via the handle, and look for the "FaxStatusEx" attribute value. 6 is Done Sending.

List of satus values : fsUnborn = 0, fsNeedsFCS = 1, fsNeedsConversion = 2, fsNeedsToBeSent = 3, fsInConversion = 4, fsInSend = 5, fsDoneOK = 6, fsManualFCS = 7, fsInSchedule = 8, fsDoneError = 9, fsDuplicate = 10, fsError = 11, fsNeedsAttention = 12, fsNeedsAttachment = 13, fsHeldForPreview = 14, fsInOCR = 15, fsInPrint = 16, fsQueuedForPrinting = 17, fsQueuedForOCR = 18, fsInValidation = 19, fsInApproval = 20,

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