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when I create a new user, to avoid duplicates, I use the find_or_initialize method:

user = find_or_initialize_by_email(the_email)

If this user is created with a related company, how can I avoid the duplicates in companies?

Can I do something like:

find_or_initialize_by_email_and_by_company_name(the_email, the_company_name)


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Rails 3.2 way is

User.where(email: the_email, company_name: the_company_name).first_or_initialize
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Does that work if the company_name is not in the User table? –  ndemoreau Oct 2 '12 at 7:50


find_or_initialize_by_email_and_company_name(the_email, the_company_name)

you will create users uniq both by email and company name. (by is used only once)

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