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I am using a standard Monorail/Windsor/ActiveRecord stack to build a web application. In the web application the controllers are registered (for Windsor) using a xml config file.

A ControllerNotFoundException will be (obviously) thrown by the MonoRailHttpHandlerFactory when a controller has not been defined in the config file.

Is there a way to catch this exception and to show a custom message to the user?

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You could always find out what the error is in the Application_OnError() event handler in your GLobalApplication. We do something like this:

public virtual void Application_OnError()
        var error = Server.GetLastError();

        if ( error.GetType() != typeof( ControllerNotFoundException ) )

        // We don't want these errors in the event log

        //Handle page not found

        Server.TransferRequest( "/rescue/pagenotfound" );
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