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I'm currently having a problem with TinyMCE's Archiv-Plugin. When uploading images it creates thumbnails for them. But for transparent PNG's the background, was black. I thought, well, gonna add the functions to keep the transparency but after all it does not work. I've additionally read all the PHP documentation and questions/answers on stackoverflow but they didn't help me.

I've reduced the problem to a few lines of code. This does not really create a thumbnail but has the same problem: all PNGs with transparent background have a black background afterwards:

$thumb = imagecreatefrompng($originalPath);     
imagesavealpha($thumb, true);
imagealphablending($thumb, false);
imagepng($thumb, $thumbPath, 0);

it works when I create a new empty image and fill it with transpareny. but when creating it from any existing transparent PNG it fails. do I miss something?

if this can not be solved quickly I gonna extend the Archiv-Plugin to optionaly use ImageMagick...

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Don't worry Andreas, your script works well, I just tested it.

I think you may check the GD version of the PHP you're working on. I have GD version 2.

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