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I've used Ruby's Date::DAYNAMES function to save my days in a string using checkboxes.

- Date::DAYNAMES.each_with_index do |day,index|
  = check_box_tag "promotion[days_#{index}]", index, false, :name => "promotion[days][]", :checked => (@promotion.days.include? index.to_s)
  = day

Which gives a string like this:

 "---\n- '0'\n- '1'\n- '4'\n"

In my view, I've tried using the following to display the day names but can't get all of them. Only ever the first day.

 = Date::DAYNAMES[@promotion.days.to_i]

Can someone show me how to get each selected day name out please.

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The string looks like yaml. Try this in irb:

require 'date'
require 'psych'

Psych.load("---\n- '0'\n- '1'\n- '4'\n").map { |i| Date::DAYNAMES[i.to_i] }

=> ["Sunday", "Monday", "Thursday"]
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