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I have been asked to develop a shopping cart for a client who wants the ability to have the following in the checkout process:

  • personal order and a gift order (split order/multiple shipping addresses)
  • order as a gift (bill me but send to someone else)
  • continuous order (send me the same order every month)

I have looked into complete open source solutions (dashcommerce, nopcommerce) to see if they offer the functionality but it appears that they don't.

Has anyone seen any good materials/books on the above functionality (preferably but not limited to C#)?

Please let me know.


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i think nopcommerce has order as gift feature, with a little bit of tweaking(writing a bit of code :) you can add the other features. i've tried many e-commerce applications but nopcommerce had the most features and seemes easiest to use. in the confirm order page you'll have to add some of your logic to save the order as repeating order. Recommended book Sams ASP.NET 3.5 Unleashed

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This is fairly trivial, all you need to do is sit down with a pen and paper and break down the 'problem' and express how you would hold the data.

Plan out the database tables first, then write your objects/class to access/modify those tables. Then write your business logic using those class/objects.

Sorry if thats not very detailed.

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