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I have a user#show view and also a membership#show view.

The users#show view has the path


The membership#show view will have the path


in other words, the user#show and org#show view both have identical slugs

For the sake of lookup speed I assume the best thing to do is to mirror the slug column from user on the membership model too. To that end I've created a user observer that updates the membership whenever the user's slug changes.

Is an observer the best way to echo de-normalised data across DB tables? Is there a native rails way to do this instead (an equivalent to counter_cache for isntance)?

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If there's an association between user and membership, then you can can use the "delegate" method.

For example:

class Membership
    belongs_to :user
    delegate :slug, :to => :user

In this case, the "slug" is stored on the user model, and you don't need to copy the data to the membership model.

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This doesn't really help. It still executes user.slug which executes the query I believe the OP is trying to avoid –  Lee Jarvis Nov 23 '12 at 18:09

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