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I am wondering about how to change the design in photoshop for the new iPhone 5.

Usually I create design/background for iPhone in Photoshop, with resolution 640x960 for retina. Since the retina resolution is propotional to the older ones I can just reduce to 320x480.

But what about the iPhone 5. The Screen is higher. I'ts a new resolution ( 1136 x 640 )

What is the best solution for photoshop design to display on iphone4s< and iPohne 5?

How can I handle that without creating a new design? And how can I tell the app just to use it if it's the iPhone 5? (I am using PhoneGap/Cordova)

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You can create an original design using 960x640. Then you can just add a different layer positioning your elements for the 1136x640 resolution. When exporting, hide the tall layer if you want to target iPhones < 5. When targeting the iPhone 5, just have your layer as a top view, and you can change the artboard on the fly.

Also, iOS 6 won't automatically target iPhone 5 images (except Default). So if you want to use different images you would have to check yourself for the height.

Basically, if your screenSize.height == 568, you're using an iPhone 5.

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