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I am developing a PHP website. The client need to update some part of the site : for example modify the title, modify the introduction paragraph etc. But he can also post news and add products (which consist of text + picture) via his admin interface.

I am thinking of developing his administration panel from scratch, but i would prefer to find a simple CMS that would do the job and make the dev process faster.

Most of the CMS i found online are mostly too complicated (they allow the user to create pages, templates, etc). In my case the administration panel must be really simple and restrictive, just allow the user to modify or add the content i predefined.

Do you have suggestions on CMS that would fit my criterias? Or a php library that would help me (in terms of writing the less PHP / HTML,Js code as possible)

I hope my english is not too bad and this post is understandable.

Thank you very much for your help

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Wordpress is always my fav –  endyourif Sep 24 '12 at 17:39

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The learning curve can be a bit steep but I'd suggest Drupal. It's a very powerful CMS and you can set use roles with whatever permissions you want. Make yourself admin and then set up a client user role with limited permissions and you're away.

You can also download themes for Drupal or build your own. In theory you could install Drupal and a theme, set the permissions and not actually write any code.


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  1. Drupal. In my opinion Drupal is not ideal choice. Drupal is complecated.
  2. Joomla. A lot of info inside admin part, but you can restrict a lot of things. It's simple to use and setup. Try it.
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