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I am trying to get a backbone-based front end to work with my CakePHP application.

I have the following in routes.php (along with some other routes)

Router::mapResources(array('rooms', 'comments'));

Now using things like GET /rooms/XX.json works fine, so far so good. I am trying to use Backbone to delete a comment, however. In my application bootstrap I have the following:

Backbone.emulateHTTP = true;

Because I know PHP doesn't play too nicely with REST. Thus X-HTTP-Method-Override is set to DELETE on request. Despite me then requesting POST /comments/160.json with X-HTTP-Method-Override DELETE I get the following response:

    "url":"\/comments\/160.json","name":"Action CommentsController::view() could not be found."

CommentsController::view() could not be found

I cannot, for the life of me, get this to work.

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It seems that using Router::mapResources(array(...)); was not working. It would work for the first controller but not the second. Thus I have changed my routes.php file to use:


It seems to now be working, which is odd, because looking at the CakePHP source code it should cycle through all of them.

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