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I'm working on a shell in C that uses strtok on the space char (' ') to create a list of arguments from the user input. For example, strtok 'ls foo bar' creates a char* with three elements: ls, foo, bar.

My question is, how do I detect escape-space?

For example, strtok 'ls foo\ bar' creates a char** with three elements: ls, foo\, bar. But it should create a char* with two elements: ls, foo bar

How can I accomplish this?

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You won't be able to use strtok, since strtok doesn't understand escape characters. You can try to hack around this, but ultimately if you want to support things like quoted arguments, you will want to have a more flexible approach.

Consider writing a parser instead. Just loop over every character in the input and decide what to do with that character: spaces advance to the next argument, backslashes copy the next character verbatim, quotes start a quoted context, etc. It's a much more flexible way to handle input, and you won't be constrained by the limits of strtok.

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Thanks, I will start a parser function – user1687558 Sep 24 '12 at 16:13

Just change the second argument to strtok from " " to " \" (the "delimiters"). These are the characters that will determine where the user input gets split into tokens, and as a result none of them will make it into the list of tokens. See here for more information about strtok.

Edit: sorry, I misunderstood you. The above advice would just remove \s. I agree that parsing manually is the way to go. It's easiest to get characters one at a time, using fgetc(), say.

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