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I'm trying to automate the css settings with jQuery, I have functions like

$(".footer").css(foot_css)//pre-defined css object
$(this).css("-webkit-transform", "scale(2)"); 

the footer is set to bottom=0 (with foot_css), but when I scale the footer, it does not stay at bottom=0, some of the text are below the screen, thus unreadable. Edit: this also happens for left, the left-bottom corner of the ".footer" class is out of screen.

So how can I "dock" the footer to the bottom? Maybe a better way to scale (than webkit and moz) ?

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When you use transform:scale, it will by default rescale in the middle of your rescaled element. If you want to define the origin of the transformation, simply add in your css: transform-origin: horizontal vertical; For example

   -webkit-transform: scale(0.5);
   -webkit-transform-origin: 50% 0%; 

This would rescale your object with the origin of the transformation being at the top-middle of it

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