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I'm using YQL to retrieve site specific results (I don't need Google results for just my own site but for a variety of sites.

However, I'm getting inconsistent results. Using the YQL console for my query:

  • Executing a Test for the same query multiple times, sometimes returns result but quite often gives no result without producing an error.
  • When there are results, the number of results is often significantly less from manually executing a Google query on

An example query that shows this behaviour is select * from where q = ''

Any suggestions on this?

Kind regards, Marc

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The older Google Search API that the YQL table uses has been deprecated by Google. It's still running, but I think there is a 100 query/day limit. When you see no results in YQL console, it likely means that it's being rate-limited.

As an alternative you might try using the newer Google Custom Search API. Note that it's only free up to 100 queries/day, but they offer a paid plan above that.

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Yeah, I was thinking that also. It just seems terribly inconsistent to return what seems like a valid result that is essentially invalid. – Marc Oct 23 '12 at 15:26

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