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I am parsing through a pretty large file with xmerl_sax_parser:file() and get an exception half-way through.

exception throw: {'EXIT',{undef,[{xmerl_sax_parser_utf8,cf,

I have looked at the data and it doesn't not contain any weird chars and if it did how can I handle it. The documentation does not tell me anything.

Here is what the code looks like:

run(FileName) ->
{ok, Xml, _Rest} =
   xmerl_sax_parser:file(FileName,  [{event_fun, fun event/3},
                                      {event_state, {[], ""}},
                                    {encoding, utf8},
                                    {file_type, normal},

event(_Ev = {startElement, _, "product", _, _}, _Loc, _State = {Xml, _}) ->
{[[]|Xml], ""};
event(_Event = {characters, Chars}, _Location, _State = {Quotes, _}) ->
{Quotes, Chars};
event(_Ev = {endElement,_,"stock",_},_L,_State = {[Data|Rest],Chars}) ->
           Element = list_to_atom("name"),
           Updated = [{Element, Chars}|Data],
           {[Updated|Rest], undefined};
event(_Ev = {endElement,_,"date",_},_L,_State = {[Data|Rest],Chars}) ->
           Element = list_to_atom("brand"),
           Updated = [{Element, Chars}|Data],
           {[Updated|Rest], undefined};
event(_Ev = {endElement,_,"open",_},_L,_State = {[Data|Rest],Chars}) ->
           Element = list_to_atom("price"),
           Updated = [{Element, Chars}|Data],
           {[Updated|Rest], undefined};
event(_Ev = {endElement,_,"low",_},_L,_State = {[Data|Rest],Chars}) ->
           Element = list_to_atom("url"),
           Updated = [{Element, Chars}|Data],
           {[Updated|Rest], undefined};
event(_Ev = {endElement,_,"stats",_},_L,_State = {[Data|Rest],Chars}) ->
           Element = list_to_atom("category"),
           Updated = [{Element, Chars}|Data],
           {[Updated|Rest], undefined};
event(_Event, _Location, State) ->

Any thoughts of how to fix or handle properly?

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That's strange; something is trying to call xmerl_sax_parser_utf8:cf/2 but my version only has cf/3, cf/4 and cf/5... Which Erlang release is this? – legoscia Sep 25 '12 at 13:33

I found the SAX parser for erlsom library much very easy to use. I recommend it's use as compared to xmerl.

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THIS part is wrong, sorry :o(

May be the file you are reading is not encoded in utf8. I checked in the extended ASCII table, the weird char being displayed has the value 142 (2#10001110) which is not a valid utf8 code:

UTF8 encoding - from wikipedia

according to this table, it is a continuation code. So you could inspect your input file with an hex editor looking for the byte 142 (16#8E).

EDIT: I realize that I don't know which character encoding is used to print the exception message. I made some test in a console, and I got this:

(exec@WXFRB1824L)1> L = <<"Ä">>.
(exec@WXFRB1824L)2> size(L).  
(exec@WXFRB1824L)3> <<L1:4,L2:4>> = L.
(exec@WXFRB1824L)4> L1.
(exec@WXFRB1824L)5> L2.
(exec@WXFRB1824L)6> L = <<2#11000100>>.
(exec@WXFRB1824L)7> 2#11000100.

This is not printed as UTF8 but ASCII (I made a mistake, I cannot find where I got this value of 142...) This changes things, because 196 is a valid UT8 first byte for a 2 bytes data according to the following table: enter image description here

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Thanks Pascal, will look into it. – jasonD Sep 25 '12 at 6:46
It looks like a Ä however it is a Ã. – jasonD Sep 25 '12 at 12:58

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