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I need to handle 2 separate paginations on one page.

At the moment I have only one pagination, the anchors contain just plain hashtags which are parsed by the Route Object like so


<a href="#1"></a>

Backbone Router

routes: {
        ":number": "paginate"

How would I handle two paginations at once?

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What I ended up doing was I wrote a function that parses hash query strings and triggers an event via an aggregator which then gets picked up by whoever needs to react to pagination. In my case it's a collection that clears its' items and adds the next page...

Here's the router in case it helps:


    var r_Paginate = Backbone.Router.extend({

    /* Initialise Object */
        initialize: function(options){
    /* Events */
        routes: {
            ":any" : "query",

    /* Object Methods */
        query: function(a){
            if(a.indexOf('&') > -1){
                var queries = a.split('&');
                for (x in queries){
                    var query = queries[x].split('=');
          'paginate:' + query[0], {'page' : query[1]});

    return r_Paginate
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