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I'm wondering how to get a dynamic request attribute. I'll try to explain:

My action make a List of some dynamic fields from database for a form. This List is iterated by the following code in the jsp file:

<s:iterator value="category.categoryFields">
 <s:textfield name="%{name}" label="%{name}" value="" />

With this, all the needed fields are displayed on the page.

What i want now, is the request attribute wich is named the same name as the value of %{name} in the value of the textfield. I thought it was this:

<s:iterator value="category.categoryFields">
 <s:textfield name="%{name}" label="%{name}" value="%{#request.name}" />

But that doesn't work.

I don't know how to put the %{name} variable in the place of the .name.

Can anyone help me?

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i am not sure about your question, can you show the action class code? moreover tell us where you are setting those name attributes in your action class which you want to fetch from the request? –  Umesh Awasthi Sep 25 '12 at 2:32
Thanks for your reaction, but I found the solution to my problem already today. Took me a while, but what I needed to do was: value="%{#request[name]}" instead of value="%{#request.name}" –  Daantie Sep 26 '12 at 9:59

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Needed to use

 <s:textfield name="%{name}" label="%{name}" value="%{#request[name]}" />

instead of

 <s:textfield name="%{name}" label="%{name}" value="%{#request.name}" />
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