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I wrote an ASP.Net MVC app that stores Session information in the database, but I can see the session id being stored in a browser cookie "ASP.NET_SessionId". Is this a security risk? Can the id be used to hack/steal a user's session?

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The session id in the cookie is used to relate a stateless web request to stored state on the server.

With regard to security I don't think the ASP.NET_SessionId contains authentication details - that's the .ASPXAUTH (if you are using the built in .NET membership providers). I think it can, in some circumstances be used to steal a users session.

A great read on this is Troy Hunt's blog, particularly this post Anatomy of an insufficient transport layer protection attack where he packet sniffs the cookies of wifi users in a McDonalds and logs in as them.

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That blog post is comprehensive. Thanks. –  user1513030 Sep 25 '12 at 9:07

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