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I have a big form that sends an email with its contents to the site admin. The problem I'm having is that at some point a space is inserted, and this causes markup problems. The email that gets sent is an HTML email, and sometimes a radom space character is inserted for example between a tag, so instead of <li> I get < li>. This is a problem because then the list item does note get rendered as a list item, but rather as normal text including the < li> tag.

I've noticed this behavior at least one other time. Once when I posted on a forum, a space was added in the middle of a word I've typed. Curiously enough, that word was mother in law, (Suegra in spanish). At the time it was funny because my first taught was that the administrators had played a joke due to the bad reputation of mother in laws, but this time it is not funny. This time this problem is really a problem because the markup gets all messed up.

Does anyone know why a space is added? It seems to be randomly. However, if I delete a character from one of the fields on the form, the space seem to not be added, or maybe it is added at a different location, like right before the < rather than in between the < and li thus not affecting the markup. Also, if I just echo the message that is supposed to be sent on the email, there is no space in the string at the location where it is added on the email.

EDIT Here is the relevant code. It's quite large, but most of it is just constructing a string:

$subject = "New Quote Request";

$message = '<html><head></head><body>';

$message .= "<h1>New Quote Request.</h1>";
$message .= "<p>A new quote request has been submitted. Find all the submitted information bellow:</p>";

$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Company Name:</strong> $company</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Contact:</strong> $contact</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Email:</strong> $email</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Phone:</strong> $phone</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Alt. Phone:</strong> $cell</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Fax:</strong> $company_fax</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Address:</strong> $company_address</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>City:</strong> $company_city</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>State:</strong> $company_state</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Zip:</strong> $company_zip</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Shipping Information</h2>";

$message .= "<li><strong>Mailing Address:</strong> $mailing</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>City:</strong> $city</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>State:</strong> $state</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Zip:</strong> $zip</li>";

$message .= "<h2>Project Infomration</h2>";

$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Project Name:</strong> $pname</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Due Date:</strong> $duedate</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Project Specifications</h2>";

$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Quantities:</strong> $quantities</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Flat Size:</strong> $flat_size</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Finished Size:</strong> $finished_size</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Pages:</strong> $num_of_pages</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Cover Options:</strong> </li>";//TODO self cover options
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Cover</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Weight:</strong> {$cover['weight']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Color:</strong> {$cover['color']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Name:</strong> {$cover['name']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Finish:</strong> {$cover['finish']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Text</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Weight:</strong> {$text['weight']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Color:</strong> {$text['color']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Name:</strong> {$text['name']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Finish:</strong> {$text['finish']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Other</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Weight:</strong> {$other['weight']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Color:</strong> {$other['color']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Name:</strong> {$other['name']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Finish:</strong> {$other['finish']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Coating</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Coating:</strong> {$coating['option']}</li>";
if(isset($coating['varnish']) && is_array($coating['varnish'])){
    foreach($coating['varnish'] as $val){
        $message .= "<li><strong></strong> $val</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Additional Information:</strong> {$coating['aditional']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Cover</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Colors:</strong> {$cover['num_of_colors']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>PMS#:</strong> {$cover['pms']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Bleeds:</strong> {$cover['bleeds']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Text</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Colors:</strong> {$text['num_of_colors']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>PMS#:</strong> {$text['pms']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Bleeds:</strong> {$text['bleeds']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Other</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Colors:</strong> {$other['num_of_colors']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>PMS#:</strong> {$other['pms']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Bleeds:</strong> {$other['bleeds']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Art</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Electronic Artwork Supplied:</strong> {$art['electronic_artwork_supplied']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Platform:</strong> {$art['platform']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Type of File:</strong> {$art['scans_required']}</li>";
if(isset($art['corrections']) && is_array($art['corrections'])){
    foreach($art['corrections'] as $val){
        $message .= "<li><strong>Corrections:</strong> {$val}</li>";
    $message .= "<li><strong>Design Needed:</strong> Yes</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Bindery</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
if(isset($bindery) && is_array($bindery)){
    foreach($bindery as $val){
        $message .= "<li>$val</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Drill Holes:</strong> {$bindery_['drill_holes']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Pockets:</strong> {$bindery_['pockets']}</li>";
$message .= " <li><strong>Position: </strong> {$bindery_['position']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Size:</strong> {$bindery_['size']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Glue Pockets:</strong> {$bindery_['glue_pockets']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Business Cards Slits:</strong> {$bindery_['business_cards_slits']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Packaging</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
if(isset($packaging['type']) && is_array($packaging['type'])){
    foreach($packaging['type'] as $val){
        $message .= "<li><strong>Type:</strong> {$val}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Additional Instructions:</strong> {$packaging['aditional_shiping']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Fullfillment</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
if(isset($fullfillment) && is_array($fullfillment)){
    foreach($fullfillment as $val){
        $message .= "<li>{$val}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Fullfillment Requirements:</strong> " . nl2br($packaging['fullfillment_requirements']) . "</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Mail Services</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
if(isset($mail_services['type']) && is_array($mail_services['type'])){
    foreach($mail_services['type'] as $val){
        $message .= "<li><strong>Type:</strong> {$val}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Number of Inserts:</strong> {$mail_services['num_of_inserts']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Size of Outgoing:</strong> {$mail_services['size_of_outgoing']}</li>";
$message .= " </ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Shipping Instructions</h2>";
$message .= "<ul>";
if(isset($shipping_instructions['type']) && is_array($shipping_instructions['type'])){
    foreach($shipping_instructions['type'] as $val){
        $message .= "<li><strong>Type:</strong> {$val}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>Ship Via:</strong> {$shipping_instructions['ship_via']}</li>";
$message .= "<li><strong>FOB:</strong> {$shipping_instructions['fob']}</li>";
$message .= "</ul>";

$message .= "<h2>Additional Instructions</h2>";
$message .= "<p>" . nl2br($additional_instructions) . "</p>";

$message .= "</body></html>";

$headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";
$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";

global $request_quote_email;
mail($request_quote_email, $subject, $message, $headers);
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Can we see your template? Or at least a bit of code? – willoller Sep 24 '12 at 17:46
We cannot answer without code. Please post the relevant PHP, and welcome to Stack Overflow. – Michael Berkowski Sep 24 '12 at 17:46
We need to see some code to say what is wrong. Could be wordwrap, a text filter, etc. Without code we can only guess. – Green Black Sep 24 '12 at 17:46
If by now it wasn't clear enough, we need some code ;) – dbf Sep 24 '12 at 17:51
I edited the question to add the relevant code. – Buzu Sep 24 '12 at 18:54
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Most likely scenario in my opinion is that the lines are being broken due to being too long.

Try inserting some \n in there, preferably after each <li> to keep line lengths reasonable.

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It seems that adding that newline feed character solved the problem. I say it seems, because in order to be sure I would have to perform a lot of tests with a lot of combinations of field value lengths. But the test that I performed so far don't have the problem anymore. Thanks. – Buzu Sep 24 '12 at 20:28

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