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I'm providing JSON objects that are to be parsed on different platforms. Based on several sources (for example 1, 2, 3) I decided to use keys starting with @ for metadata, which has attribute counterparts in XML.

I've now been told by an iPhone developer that the current structure needs to be changed, since the @ sign causes GTM to crash. He claims that it's simply impossible to parse structures like this: {"@name": "value"}

My dilemma is that I'm serving other clients and languages as well, and I want consistency between the XML and JSON representations of the data, beyond the wish to encode in a way that corresponds to the logical model. I would hope to avoid redesigning the structures because of the needs of a single language, especially since placing @ signs in keys doesn't violate the rules for proper JSON.

I find it strange if tools such as GTM can't handle JSON structures that not only abide by the standards, but also follow common recommendations and guidelines. Is the criticism from this developer justified, or is there a way to solve his problem on the client side?

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