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I'd like to get 6 of 32 files off of an FTP site, but the 3rd-party ETL tool I'm using only lets me use a target directory and a regex filter to get files.

While I could use 6 separate FTP steps and specifically name one file to get, that's sloppy. Is there a way with regular expressions that I can say give me all files that match an item in this set: {.XYZInstrument. , .*XSYFund, etc. }?

For example, match XYZFund.txt/zip and XYZInstrument.txt/zip, but not Index.txt/zip or any other files that happen to be present:

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you can use () and |. For example, to match file.*, *.txt or *.pdf:


w00te - Editing Post To Make Definite Answer:

For my case: .*XYZFUND.* | .*XYZINSTRUMENT.* does the job.

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Thanks, figured it out after you pointed out the pipe operator :) – John Humphreys - w00te Sep 24 '12 at 18:53

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